What makes a home? What does belonging mean to you? Can we ever learn from personal and universal history?

In January 2017, Victor visited his parents’ homeland of Lebanon for the first time - the country his mother fled as a refugee of the civil war in 1975. In Where to Belong, he recounts this journey. In navigating through his and his family’s history via the different points of his identity as a Jewish Lebanese Brazilian gay man, he assembles a tender moving hour of storytelling, multimedia, and future planning.

An hour for us all to feel hopeful, challenged and transformed. Are you willing to make your world a better place?

Shortlisted for the Emerge Performance Prize

Developed and in association with CASA Theatre Festival and Rich Mix

Performed at Southwark Playhouse (CASA Theatre Festival), Rich Mix, The Cockpit (VOILA! Europe Festival), FloorPlay.


"An exploration of roots, an encounter with the words and the memories that accompany us day by day whilst we are growing up (…) to understand better; but also a voyage for us to face these origins, reclaiming who we are." El Ibérico

“who is Victor Esses contains the idea that from him, we, each of the spectators, configure ourselves… answering the questions he poses us we also arrive to be, in a moment or another, Victor Esses.” El Ibérico

Written and performed by Victor Esses


Set/costume design and visuals - Yorgos Petrou

Lighting Design - Pablo Fernandez Baz

Assistant Director - Fernanda de Moura

Production shots - Alex Brenner