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Old Red Lion. Photo Jamil Jivanjee
Old Red Lion. Photo Jamil Jivanjee
Arcola Theatre. Photo Cassia Tabatini
Arcola Theatre. Photo Cassia Tabatini


“I don’t know what goes on in the minds of these men who look for women to end the loneliness of their lives. To each of them I have a thing to give. In the end it’s all the same.”

Rio de Janeiro, sunshine, 40 degrees Celsius. Gilda locks herself in her kitchen and begins to prepare the most delicious dishes. Outside the other women are furious. They accuse Gilda of poisoning their husbands with love. But Gilda is more generous and more dangerous than they can possibly imagine.

A cult hit in Brazil, The Last Days of Gilda is a one woman show whose explosive cocktail of food and sex, the sacred and the damned, violence and love, reveals the true soul of Brazil’s favelas today.

Developed and presented by CASA Theatre Festival, Footprint Project and Alter Theatre

Presented to sold out audiences at Arcola Theatre, Old Red Lion in the double bill Brazil x2 (alongside The Assault, also directed by Victor Esses), Lakeside Theatre Colchester and New Town Theatre Edinburgh

"A real gem... must see." **** Daily Telegraph

"The direction (...) by Victor Esses is simple and elegant, with a judicious and unobtrusive use of great music" Time Out London 

Performed by Gael Le Cornec

Text - Rodrigo de Roure

Director - Victor Esses

Costume design - Sophie Mosberger

Lighting Design - Azuza Ono

Sound Design - Dinah Mullen

Promo Photo - Yuri Pirondi

Production Shots - Cassia Tabatini and Jamil Jivanjee

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