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"Gloriously idiosyncratic" Time Out

São Paulo, 1969. Vitor, bank employee number 5.923.800, returns to his office, after-hours, aiming to meet Hugo, the night cleaner. This encounter of two near insignificant beings - in the eyes of the corporation they work for - but of different social status, provokes an exchange that oscillates between repulse and desire, power and subservience, greed and kindness...

UK premiere of this classic of modern Brazilian theatre, written by multi-award winning playwright José Vicente in the late 1960s during the rise of a dictatorship that would last for over two decades.

Presented at Old Red Lion as part of the double bill Brazil x2, alongside The Last Days of Gilda

"The direction (...) by Victor Esses is simple and elegant, with a judicious and unobtrusive use of great music" Time Out London

Performed by Steven Farah and Jade Willis

Director - Victor Esses

Set Design - George Moustakas

Sound Design - Laurence Hortsman

Lighting Design - Azuza Ono

Photos - Francesca Seeley

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