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In February 2024, LGBT+ History Month, performance artist Victor Esses gathered a group of queer people from different generations to discuss what queerness means to them, what questions they would like to ask each other and what they perceive the future of queer to be like.


Through creative activities, discussions and games they went on an emotional journey that was recorded and which became this evocative, entertaining and hopeful audio piece.

Devised/performed with Francesca Alaimo, Rob Berkeley, Leon Clowes, Richard English, Jenny Frazer, Frances Gillard, Donald Hutera, Purrsia Kitt, Benjamin Lammy, Spike Paluch and Dom Radcliffe

Music by Enrico Aurigemma

Produced by Francis Christeller

Created at, and with the support of Stanley Arts, London LGBTQ+ Centre, Camden People's Theatre and Arts Council England.

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