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A theatre game about immigration.

It’s London, 2021. Post EU Referendum. The British People have voted to stay out of Europe and deport most immigrants. Ten foreign artists squat in the basement of a nightclub, only one will be allowed to stay in the country. The choice is in the hands of you – the participants – and your leaders.

This participatory piece sets the floor for emotive discussions in a scenario where the likes of a Venezuelan drag queen, a Zambian singer or a Sudanese actor will have to compete for their right to remain. All the characters are based on real life testimonies from foreign artists living in London.

Developed at Limehouse Town Hall

Presented by The Glory and ESSES&DEMESA

Performed at Camden People's Theatre (Coney's Night of Play), Latitude Festival, Arts Admin (Summer Scratch), The Glory and Dora Hall (in partnership with Stitches In Time and Women's Quilting Cooperative)

"Be prepared to mentally check out, should others fail to agree with you. Be prepared to hear things that make you quake. (…) Be prepared to yell things in spite of your docile nature." This Is Cabaret

​"Dis Place plays out like some weird, shambolic game show. It puts an intimate spin on immigration.Paul Vale from The Stage

"Victor Esses shines in another of the five characters he must encapsulate, it is a poignant highlight of the evening to witness talented actors on stage." This Is Cabaret

Written and performed by Victor Esses and Alejandro De Mesa


Lighting design (The Glory) - Ben Jacobs

Sound design - Luke Thomas

Set/costume design contributions - Fernando Martin Godoy

Photography/Video - Yorgos Petrou

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