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Can we live authentically without hurting ourselves - or someone else?

At 19, whilst studying film, Victor found his long-lost great aunt Marcelle in Rome. She had moved from Judaism to Christianity, from Lebanon to Italy, changed her name and kept a secret for a lifetime. He started to make a documentary about her life. 20 years later, he still hasn’t completed it… Mixing documentary footage, storytelling, and live music, The Death & Life of All of Us is a funny and moving exploration of family secrets, shame, and embracing our imperfections.


Creative team:

Victor Esses (writer and performer) is a Jewish-Lebanese Latinx queer theatre maker, performance artist and writer. His practice centres nuanced intersectional auto/biographical stories of belonging, resilience and intimacy, encouraging audiences to ask questions about what makes us most human.


Enrico Aurigemma (composer and performer) is an Italian musician, composer and sound designer.


Yorgos Petrou (associate artist) is a Cypriot born London based artist whose practice spans sculpture, performance, photography, film, and writing to make interventions into sites of geographical, historical, and mythical significance.


Jenni Jackson (movement director) is a Latinx British-Bolivian theatre-maker and movement director.


Lou Cope (dramaturge) is a UK-based dramaturg, who has also worked with Victor Esses on previous collaborations.


Kit Green (mentor) has mentored Victor for this show and is themself an artist whose work covers a range of performance, writing and creation skills across cabaret, comedy, popular music, broadcast, theatre, and digital platforms.


Amy Daniels (lighting design) is a London-based freelance lighting designer, production manager and technician.


Images by Greta Mitchell


Supported by Arts Council England with seed commissioning funding from Camden People’s Theatre. Supported by The Lowry, Shoreditch Town Hall, Harlow Playhouse, JW3, Manchester Jewish Museum and Soho Theatre.

Beyond the premiere at Soho Theatre, The Death & Life of All of Us will be available for touring in Autumn 2023 and throughout 2024.

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