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Against the backdrop of London’s bright lights, two young foreigners arrive in the city and embark upon a journey of beauty and loss, carnage and magic, liberty and recklessness.

Trying to forget traumatic homes, they dance to punk-rock and electro-clash, tasting popular fixes and false idols.

Driven by ambition and self-doubt, as the dust of the wreckage of the past settles, they meet one Autumn evening…

Developed at Arcola Theatre Lab

Presented at VFD (Vogue Fabrics Dalston), Albany Theatre (StoneCrabs 10 year celebration), Deptford X Festival, The Shag Event, CASA Night of Ideas (The Mill Co. Project)

Written, composed and performed by Victor Esses and Sitron Panopoulos


Directing (Arcola) - Angela Clerkin

Assistant directing - Kristoffer Calan Huball

Contributor - Brian Mullin

Photos - Kwaku Kyei

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