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OPPORTUNITY for participants (non-actors/non-performers)  -  exploratory and fun afternoon thinking about rituals, letting go and rituals of letting go


I create performances using storytelling, audience interaction and autobiographical material to investigate belonging and human connection for imagining and creating better futures.


For my next project I will explore rituals of letting go. How can we make choices that improve the quality of our lives? What rituals do different cultures use to free themselves from things that are holding them back? Do we need to have so many things? What are the things we don’t need? And what are the things from our past that we would like to recover and bring into our lives? Can we explore this together?


This session for us all to learn from each other and create some moments and discussions. It might feed into a new piece of performance.


WHERE? Shoreditch Town Hall, nearest tube Old Street or Liverpool Street

WHEN? Sun 19th of Jan from 12pm to 6pm – an extra session might be added on Sat 8th of Feb

HOW? Please email me on with RITUALS on the subject line. Let me know if you have any questions.


Food and drink will be provided. Looking forward to meet people from varied backgrounds, ages, groups, types...


Start your year with a moment of reflection and exploring what it means to let go.


Warm greetings, and happy holidays!


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